By day, a software engineer specializing in UX and web performance. By night, a computer-obsessed artist crafting pixels and soundwaves in Brooklyn. 🤘

Some websites I built.


This beautiful portfolio site is by my favorite designer to work with, Billy Sweeney.


A Squarespace template for small business and non-profits.


Another Squarespace template for restaurants and other small businesses.


My very first client as a full-time freelancer. Thanks Smartypants.


Developing this one nearly gave me vertigo.

Republic Charter Schools

Designed by Studio Rubric.

None of these sites were completed alone. Thanks to my collaborators over the years: Adam Parks, Eric Anderson, Billy Sweeney, Shane Zucker, Sara Chai Butler, Riyaz Shaikh, Studio Rubric, George Zhang, and Josh Kill. (And really all of Squarespace, sorry if I left anyone out.)

kevin.james.foley at gmail