Full-stack engineer specializing in JavaScript and the web. I love bringing a project to life and paying attention to the details along the way. Here's some things I've worked on.

Screenshot of an article published in Gay titled 'The Pleasure of Claping Back' by Roxanne Gay.
The Medium post page (pictured above) is a isomorphic React app written in TypeScript and using GraphQL. I contributed to a rewrite of the page in 2019.
Screenshot of the Squarespace template Pacific.
Screenshot of the Squarespace template Bedford.
From 2013 to 2015 I contributed to the development and maintenance of Squarespace templates, including Pacific and Bedford.
Screenshot of MeruFilm.com, the film's title overlays an Avalanche.
A website for the film Meru, designed by Billy Sweeney.
A diagram showing how to create a Teachable website.
Screenshot of testimonials from educators who host courses on Teachable.
I helped Teachable maintain and migrate their single-page app and helped build the team as the company's first front-end engineer.